Why Thunder Bay?

Thunder Bay is a thriving business centre nestled in a breathtaking landscape. Natural resources abound, making forestry and mining historical key industries for the region. With a focus on investment and diversification, Thunder Bay has created a stable and competitive business environment capable of supporting innovation in a variety of sectors including mining, aviation, health sciences and advanced manufacturing.

Thunder Bay's central location within Canada and access to US and international markets through its extensive transportation network allow businesses to use Thunder Bay as a key location in their supply chain.

Stable and Competitive Business Environment

Worker operating a rock breaker remotelyThunder Bay has enjoyed a strong business environment since the 1800s as a major centre of commerce for Canada's fur trade. Over time, Thunder Bay has become a central hub for the North American and international resource and manufacturing industry, and continues to be in a strong position to provide numerous opportunities in specialized manufacturing, mining and clean technology. More recently, Thunder Bay's economy has been diversifying and adding a rapidly growing knowledge sector lead by investment and innovation in the aviation and health sciences sectors.

Provincial and Federal Advantages

Canadian flag wavingThunder Bay is located in Ontario, Canada's largest province, and draws support from its central location within the country. Canada was ranked 2nd as the Best Place in the World to Start a Business in 2017 by the World Bank and the 2nd Best Place to Locate a Global HQ according to US News and World Report in 2018. Engaged in free trade agreements with 46 countries, Canada has access to a market of 1.6 billion customers. Canada also features the world's most stable banking system. Ontario has one of the most stable business environments and Canada's major banks have predicted that it will lead the country in economic growth in 2018. This economic success is being felt across multiple industries, including manufacturing. In 2016, the economy grew at double the national average. Residents in Ontario cities such as Thunder Bay benefit from a lower cost of living when compared with their American peers according to the Median Multiple Index (Source: Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, 2018).

Location and Transportation

North American map showing various locationsThunder Bay is centrally located in Canada; the gateway to Ontario's Northwest; and is extremely close (70km, 43.5mi) to a major US border crossing. The city has an excellent transportation network including highway access, an international airport, an international sea port, a national and international railway system. This strategic location and well established transportation infrastructure enables business to ship goods quickly and efficiently, allowing Thunder Bay to be a crucial link in their supply chain.

Success Stories: Atlas Dewatering Corporation

Mining operationsAtlas Dewatering Corporation opened their Thunder Bay location in 2013. With the Ring of Fire mining exploration, the City of Thunder Bay is expected to have exponential growth in the mining industry over the coming years. Atlas Dewatering Corporation has been able to deliver its services to this segment including: open pit mine dewatering, tailing dam construction, existing mine tailings management, water transfer, and new mine construction.

"Thunder Bay's businesses and other contractors were always willing to help us out when starting up. Thunder Bay's affordable cost of housing, 15 minute commutes to work, and under 1 hour drives to fishing and camping, has easily allowed us to attract new team members from Southwestern Ontario and Western Canada." says Stephen Kokeza, Director of Corporate Development at Atlas Dewatering Corporation.

Atlas Dewatering Corporation's success in Thunder Bay has been a launching pad for further expansion.  The Thunder Bay branch of Atlas Dewatering Corporation is now acting as a hub for the newer locations overseeing the majority of administration and training of new employees. Click here to download the full success story.

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Why Thunder Bay

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Thunder Bay is Northwestern Ontario's commercial, administrative and medical hub.


“We ship every day… Plane leaves here at 5 o’clock every day. Our goods are in their owners hands as quick as 18 hours anywhere in North America.” - Owner, Cinevate Inc.

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