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Thunder Bay, nestled between Lake Superior and vast wilderness, is a modern, urban and lively city. Located west of Toronto and south of Winnipeg, Thunder Bay has a rich history as a thriving outpost. It was and still is, the central hub and access point for all of Northwestern Ontario.


Thunder Bay is a complete modern community, with excellent schools, high quality healthcare and a vast choice of cultural amenities. A variety of options exist for parents looking for the right elementary and high school education, sports or arts activities for their children.

Lakehead University and Confederation College offer post-secondary degrees and diplomas in a wide variety of disciplines. Thunder Bay has a law school and a medical school. The hospital and local healthcare practitioners provide access to state-of-the-art medical technology and progressive healthcare practices.

Cost of Living

This is a place for people that are looking to expand their horizons, their careers and themselves. A place for those looking to leave behind a high stress lifestyle with hours spent in commuter traffic and the financial pressures of exorbitant house prices. A single detached home in Thunder Bay can be purchased for under $200,000.


Steps from wilderness and recreation, those who live here or visit enjoy skiing, boarding, snowmobiling and ice-fishing in winter and sailing, hiking, climbing in the summer and hunting in fall. Many simply enjoy spending time with their family or relaxing with a good book and a coffee on the dock. Best of all, people have time here – time to enjoy their lives and their favourite recreational pastimes. Imagine a 10 minute commute to work. That is the Thunder Bay reality.

People come here from all over the world. They arrive for the adventure and frontier opportunities, they stay because of the lifestyle, the friends they've made and the fresh, raw beauty of the natural environment.

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Thunder Bayans are modern, happy, proud and hardworking with a history of welcoming newcomers and enfolding them in their circle of friends.

The city is modern, dynamic and forward thinking with an active focus on being the best it can be through ongoing investments in infrastructure, culture and the economy. With a beautiful waterfront, modern downtown and vibrant restaurants and bars, Thunder Bay attracts young, urban and intelligent professionals, new Canadians and new businesses from all over North America.

Be surprised by the beauty, unique lifestyle and economic opportunity. Go To Thunder Bay. For life.

Thunder Bay is a contemporary, urban and energetic city that offers modern amenities, rewarding employment opportunities, a low stress lifestyle and a low cost of living.

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Residents of Thunder Bay enjoy a very high quality of life. Arts and culture are flourishing; there are public art displays and cultural events year round. Experience fine dining in one of Thunder Bay's many restaurants.

Recreational activities are endless in Thunder Bay's great outdoors. Enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, boating, team sports, skiing, snowboarding, and more in Thunder Bay's beautiful natural environment.

It's time to make your move to Thunder Bay.

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Heathcare, Hospitals and Medical Care

Healthcare in Thunder Bay is world class. Our community offers a comprehensive range of treatment and health services in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

View complete hospitals and clinics directory at GOTOTHUNDERBAY.CA/HEALTH.


Learn about the engaging learning opportunities in Thunder Bay or click on a link below to explore a particular school or education program.


All childcare centres in Thunder Bay offer a combination of full day, half day, as well as before and after school care depending on age. Below is a list of public centres. For more information on public daycare options within the community, and to register your child with a daycare provider, visit the District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board online at  

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Why Thunder Bay

With over 55,000 private dwellings, Thunder Bay has excellent real estate options.


"To me, Thunder Bay is a logical choice. It offers so many opportunities to excel – continuous learning, research potential, incredible business development support, convenient access to an excellent network of medical professionals, and quality of life. I like that I can run what I hope will become a cutting-edge physiotherapy practice and still take my dog out in the woods and spend time with my wife in the same day." – Mike Poling, Partner, Fairway Physiotherapy Clinic

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