Why Thunder Bay

Known as the centre for learning for researchers, students, teachers, and other healthcare professionals in Northwestern Ontario, Thunder Bay boasts a strong and deep health sciences sector, including patient care centres, a local medical school, and a renowned research institute. Ground-breaking health research and innovation is also driving the Life Sciences Manufacturing and Biotechnology industries in Thunder Bay.

Research & Innovation
Research and Development Institutes as well as private labs are supporting exploration across many industries in Thunder Bay. Lakehead University and Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre recently received recognition of their leading research in the 2018 Research Infosource rankings.

Distances from Thunder Bay to Major Centres

Life Sciences Manufacturing
Life Sciences Manufacturing is a growing sector of Health Sciences being driven by medical research. Recent breast cancer research is driving companies such as Radialis Medical to develop Positron Emission Mammography (PEM), a breast imaging alternative to mammography.

Health Sciences Labour Force

18% of TB labour force in Health Sciences

Thunder Bay has a labour force of 61,690 people. The Knowledge Sector has been growing and now makes a large portion of the current labour force. Thunder Bay's labour force is highly educated. 61% of adults in Thunder Bay posses a post-secondary education which is a higher rate than any other OECD country. (Source: Statistics Canada, 2016; OECD, 2016)

Thunder Bay's skilled labour force includes 10,775 people in the Health Care Sector representing 18% of the labour force. Thunder Bay is committed to research and innovation which is demonstrated through numerous research institutes, innovation centres, and laboratories. Investments in health and education have drawn interest and attracted new talent to Thunder Bay.

Lakehead University offers five undergraduate programs, four master's programs and one doctoral program for students pursuing careers in Health Sciences. Confederation College offers 22 different programs dedicated to Health Sciences. The Northern Ontario School of Medicine has 7 distinct program streams as well as continuing education for health professionals. Finally Oshki-Pimache-O-Wine Education and Training Institute delivers 3 programs for students focused on careers in Health Sciences.

Skilled Workforce Infographic

2,800 TBRHSC employees

$100m NOSOM economic activity

2200 employees at St. Joseph's Care Group

decrative image

Supply Chain
Thunder Bay is centrally located in Canada; the gateway to Ontario's Northwest; and is extremely close (70km, 43.5mi) to a major US border crossing. With an extensive transportation network, businesses can optimize their shipping options based on the final destination of their goods by utilizing a mixture of air, sea, rail, and road transportation. Businesses in Thunder Bay benefit from this network which allows easy access for importing raw materials and delivering final products internationally. Thunder Bay's location and existing supply chain infrastructure is ideal for businesses that need to access not only North America, but a global market.

With 5 major national fibre optic cables going through Thunder Bay, the city is well serviced by most national communications companies as well as TBaytel, which is owned by the City of Thunder Bay. The multiple fibre trunks run through the city and are connected to the largest data centre and carrier hotel in Toronto, Canada. TBaytel has a 110 year history in Thunder Bay and has grown to be the largest independently owned communications company in Canada. Tbaytel employs over 400 people in Thunder Bay and they provide the fastest internet connection in the city as well as reliable mobility, tv internet, telephone and security services for business clients.

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Accelerating Excellence in Medical Research and Innovation in Ontario's Northwest

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For additional information please contact the Development Officer at (807) 625-3960 or visit our Contact Us page.