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Thunder Bay is committed to responsible and sustainable mining. Natural Resources Canada considers that sustainable development includes issues such as community acceptance of mineral development projects, environmental sustainability and social and economic benefits to communities and society. These issues were taken into consideration when creating Thunder Bay's "Mining Readiness Strategy." Responsible mining creates stronger communities and ensures environmental protection.

Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Mining and Exploration

As part of Lakehead University, the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Mining and Exploration (CESME) encourages research, education, and outreach regarding the nature and impacts of mineral resource exploration and extraction.

Research and Development activity includes:

  • Mineral exploration and mineral extraction including mine development and mineral processing.

  • Social, economic and environmental impacts of mineral resource exploration and extraction.

  • First Nations and Métis engagement - one of the primary goals of CESME is to recruit and foster faculty, postdoctoral fellows, postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate student participation.

  • A $2.36 million project funded by 11 mining companies is part of AMIRA Internationals Farfield and near mine footprints – Finding and defining the next generation of Tier 1 ore deposits project.


Mining operations control centre

Image of large mining equipment

Remote mining control terminal

Mining companies in Thunder Bay have made technological advances which have improved mining operations as well as created healthier working conditions.

  • Battery-powered underground vehicles which cut ventilation and cooling costs while creating a healthier environment for workers is a growing trend and are being tested in Northwestern Ontario mines.

  • North American Palladium employs new technology for safety and production purposes; real time fibre connection, seismic monitoring, machine and personnel scanning and drone surveying.

  • Goldcorp's Northwestern Ontario's central office in Thunder Bay incorporates an element of innovation that extends beyond its typical administration and procurement requirements and responsibilities by allowing staff to monitor, track and communicate with employees including drillers and miners at the mine (in real-time) on their 40-foot screen more than 500km north.

  • Goldcorp also uses remote mining technology to operate trucks, scoop trams and rock breakers at the Musselwhite Mine from Thunder Bay via a fibre optic line.

For additional information please contact the Project Manager, Mining Services Sector at (807) 625-2480 or visit our Contact Us page.


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Thunder Bay is Northwestern Ontario's commercial, administrative and medical hub.


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