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Thunder Bay is evolving as it is diversifying into a multi-sector economy, providing new opportunities for entrepreneurs and visionaries that are looking to make their mark. It is poised for tremendous growth in the mining sector due to the Ring of Fire and other resource based opportunities. The business community is welcoming and supportive, often working together to advance the economic sustainability of the city.

Unexpected. Unparalleled. Thunder Bay offers opportunity, talent and a lower cost of doing business.

Grow your business here and grow your life here. Enjoy this vibrant city with easy access to nature and your favourite kind of recreation. Go To Thunder Bay. For Life.

The Thunder Bay Advantage

  1. Central Location – Gateway to Ontario's Northwest and close proximity to the US border allows people and goods to easily flow in and out of Thunder Bay.
  2. Low Operating Costs – The costs of purchasing property and running a business are lower in Thunder Bay compared to larger metropolitan regions. There are also no development charges in Thunder Bay.
  3. Collaborative Post-Secondary Institutions – Approx. 3600 students graduate from Lakehead and Confederation College each year. Many of these students have completed programs that lead to careers in Thunder Bay's key business sectors.
  4. Communications Infrastructure – A state-of-the-art fibre optic network connects Thunder Bay with the world.
  5. Work / Life Harmony – Thunder Bay offers a unique urban/wilderness lifestyle. Residents enjoy modern metropolitan amenities in a picturesque natural setting.

Key Sectors

Thunder Bay's economy is increasingly diversified and sustainable. While historical strength in the resource sector and manufacturing sectors continues, Thunder Bay's knowledge based industries continue to grow. Key sectors for Thunder Bay include:

  • Education
  • Film
  • Forestry
  • Health Sciences
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Transportation

Economic Highlights*

Thunder Bay (Census Metropolitan Area) is the largest community on Lake Superior with over 121,000 residents.

Thunder Bay is the central hub for access to Northwestern Ontario resource industries, the Ring of Fire and newly created mining jobs.

Employment rates have increased since 2011.

Community Profile

Thunder Bay Economic Data – This interactive website includes data on demographics, labour force, tax, quality of life, housing transportation, education, companies and utilities.

Thunder Bay Community Profile for Investors – This PDF provides demographic and economic information about doing business here.

* Sources: Statistics Canada; Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) /


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Why Thunder Bay

Technicians working in lab

Thunder Bay is Northwestern Ontario's commercial, administrative and medical hub.


“We ship every day… Plane leaves here at 5 o’clock every day. Our goods are in their owners hands as quick as 18 hours anywhere in North America.” - Owner, Cinevate Inc.

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