Economic Snapshot

Thunder Bay's Diverse, Changing Economy

Thunder Bay's economy is evolving, becoming increasingly more diverse, sustainable and competitive. Employment is growing steadily.

This is an exciting time in Thunder Bay as historically strong sectors in resource industries and manufacturing successfully blend with new, evolving and innovative businesses in knowledge, education and healthcare.

The city is preparing for exponential growth due to new mining opportunities associated with the Ring of Fire which is expected to bring thousands of new jobs and extensive development to Thunder Bay.

Work here, live here. Explore new opportunities as you enjoy this vibrant city and its welcoming community. Go To Thunder Bay. For Life.

Key Sectors

While still featuring historically well performing sectors, Thunder Bay’s economy is shifting towards more knowledge based industry. Key sectors for Thunder Bay include:

  • Education
  • Film Production
  • Health Sciences
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Forestry
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Transportation

Learn More About Thunder Bay’s Economy:

Community Profile

Thunder Bay Economic Data – This interactive website includes data on demographics, labour force, tax, quality of life, housing transportation, education, companies and utilities.

Thunder Bay Community Profile for Investors – This PDF provides demographic and economic information about doing business here.


Why Thunder Bay

Busy laboratory

Thunder Bay is the largest metropolitan centre in Northwestern Ontario at 2,556 km sq.


“We ship every day… Plane leaves here at 5 o’clock every day. Our goods are in their owners hands as quick as 18 hours anywhere in North America.” - Owner, Cinevate Inc.

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