Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) offers postgraduate education residency training in family medicine, eight Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada specialties, as well as family medicine PGY3 enhanced skills programs.

 Family Medicine Residency Training

NOSM’s family medicine residency program, Residents of the Canadian Shield (RoCS), provides two years of family practice training leading to certification in family medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada. The goal of the program is to prepare family physicians with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for practice in Northern remote and rural communities.

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 Specialty Residency Training

Training in the following specialties is available through NOSM:

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 Family Medicine PGY3

For those family medicine residents who wish to further their knowledge and training in certain areas, NOSM’s post-graduate year 3 (PGY3) programs include Emergency, Anaesthesia, Enhanced Skills Maternity Care and Self Directed Enhanced Skills.

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Medical Student and Resident Book Grant
Grant of $250 for students and residents from Thunder Bay who are enrolled in either a Canadian medical school or residency program. Learn more and apply.


Community Assessment Visit Program
Reimbursement of travel expenses for a site visit to Thunder Bay. Residents must be one year or less away from practice. Contact us to learn more.


Thunder Bay Family Medicine Scholarship 

Scholarship of $500 for those completing a Family Medicine residency. Learn more and apply.