Improving the accessibility of our website for all users is important to the City of Thunder Bay. Modifications can be made to your operating system and Internet browser to improve accessibility. The City offers the following online features


Menus are keyboard accessible by allowing users to use the tab key and arrow keys to navigate the menus. A mouse is not required to navigate the menus.

Press Shift + F12 to send focus to the first link in the main menu above (or press Tab as many times as need to focus some of the menu items). Then press Enter, Space or ↓ to activate some sub menu and then you can use the ← → ↑ ↓ arrow keys to move the focus to other menu items. The script will automatically show/hide the sub menus as needed. You can press Esc at any time to deactivate the sub menus.

Screen Reader Accessible

The content contained within the website can be read by a screen reader. Images have descriptions and tables are accessible. We are working to improve the accessibility of PDF documents within the website.

Accessible public internet workstations with large monitors and JAWS screen reader software are available at Brodie Resource Library, Waverly Resource Library, and Mary J.L. Black Library. Click here to link to the Thunder Bay Public Library accessibility web page for more information and to book one of these workstations.


Boat docking station on a sunny dayThunder Bay, Ontario. Where to Buy a House in Canada Right Now!

Thunder Bay Video Goes Viral 

Local cinematographer's aerial view of Thunder Bay has been seen more than 105,000 times on social media in less than two weeks.

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TBRHSC LogoWith 2,694 employees, the largest single employer in Thunder Bay is the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.


"A good mix of things to see and do..."- See lots more reviews on TripAdvisor

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Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation (OCWI) has been created to provide a collaborative approach to solving workforce challenges. The Northern Hub will be located in Thunder Bay

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